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Without FBS4 option


Repeater keyless go, It Makes a Bridge  between the car and its key. Device equipped with OLED display, has a secure Pin code for activation. 

2 operating modes, support Toyota/Lexus 2021

The distance from the key to the antenna is now  6m at standard inside antenna and up to 15m with the additional antenna.
The "answer" signal to the car comes directly from the key (the distance can vary from 40 m to 350 m and depends on the type of key and the state of the battery inside the key). And allows the doors to be opened and the car to be launched until 2021.

BMW – All (E, F, G — series)
Porche – All
Toyota/Lexus – All
Nissan/Infiniti – All
Mazda – All
Ford — All
Cadillac — All

Jeep — All
Citroen — All
Hyundai — All
Kia — All
Opel — All
Peugeot — All
Renault — All
Seat — All
Skoda — All (ex. UWB keys oktavia 2021)
Suzuki — All
Tesla — up 2019 (up to key card)
Volkswagen — All (ex. UWB keys Golf8,Arteon 2021)
LandRover / RangeRover / Jaguar — (ex. UWB keys 2018-2021)


fast Relay attack modules

Multibrand Keyless Repeater

  • About

    2 work mode device


    1 Multibrand

    2 Toyota Lexus Subaru

  • Technical info

    any keyless car up to 2021 (ex. Mersedes 2013+ and Audi)

    box to box range 350m

    box to key range 6 - 10m

    both units with active LCD display

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